About Stilwell

In the tradition of Harper’s Weekly‘s Thomas Nast and modern entertainers such as Trevor Noah, comedian Jeff Stilwell explores current affairs with a searing wit. It didn’t begin that way…

Stilwell excels at the unexpected. Not content with his Midwestern roots, he found ways on the cheap to explore the wider world including selling gummy bears in high school to visit the Alps of central Europe. To pay for college, he worked a slime line as a head chopper in the clammy tundra of Alaska.

His thirst for adventure next took him to Asia where he studied Asian philosophy and the martial arts while exploring exotic locales including the Himalayas and the lands of Lord Jim, even surviving a squall in the Gulf of Siam.

His years in Asia deeply influenced his lifelong search for meaning, culminating later in his magnum opus ­Here and Now: A Whimsical Take On God.  In this illustrated work, his adorable cartoon character Thrashin’ Jack leads the reader on the skateboard journey of humanity’s creation of God.  Readers find Here and Now “simple yet profound” and “something that can be read in minutes, and thought about for a lifetime.”

In Asia, Stilwell also met and wooed his wife, jewelry designer Manya Vee, winning her heart by following her to Java. She taught him to gallop bareback at the family farm in the storied Yakima Valley, the inspiration for his first novel Fighting for Edenwhere readers found “a heartfelt story” in which “one finds their own Eden and their own truth.

Ever restless, he once completed a solitary 750-mile hike from Stevens Pass in Western Washington to end, a Biblical-sounding forty days later, at Old Faithful Geyser in Yellowstone National Park.

If it’s big, Stilwell has dreamt it, attempted it, or achieved it.

His works are available on Amazon.

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