Philosopher and illustrator Jeff Stilwell helps inquiring minds explore their spirituality, challenging us all to set aside the Daddy God concept as an anachronism in favor of discovering our own sense of fulfillment.

Here and Now is Jeff Stilwell's magnum opus

Jeff Stilwell’s magnum opus, Here & Now: A Whimsical Take On God explores how humans created gods in the first place, and why we don’t need them anymore.

Join Thrashin’ Jack as he skateboards his way through history, starting in Ur shortly after people began settling down in one place to garden rather than roaming to find food.

Enjoy encounters with Persians on Harleys, priests with rituals, and a plethora of confusing answers to life’s pain and suffering. Is there a better way? After all, since we all come accessorized with an expiration date, let’s make the most of this life we have, here and now.

(Click here to read an excerpt.)


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