Here and Now

Here and Now: A Whimsical Take on God is an illustrated book by Jeff Stilwell

 “…complex ideas just under the surface…deep currents hiding beneath.”

Stilwell’s classic illustrated work pondering just how we created God.

Starring Thrashin’ Jack, Stilwell’s adorable thrasher (skate boarder), taking us on a journey through history.

Since we created God, how might we live knowing we come accessorized with an expiration date?

Readers Say...

“…a very clever and amusing illustrated tale of how religion emerged…

…what a fun and succinct way to think of the concept of gods. A picture or in this case an illustration can be worth a thousand words and Stilwell executes it well. A humanist, illustrator’s approach to one of the big eternal philosophical questions. It may not be for everyone but it provides a unique way to look at the question of “God” and at the end of the day that’s all that “God” is, a question. It’s different and I like it and recommend it.”

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“As a child, I had many questions about religion, yet I was not encouraged to ask about the confusing contradictions I had. As I got older, traveled other parts of the world and learned about other religions, I shifted my thinking. “Here and Now” was a book I could’ve used many years ago as I was discovering my own truth and knowledge of religion and God.”

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“A wonderfully brief but thought provoking read. Something that can be read in minutes, and thought about for a lifetime. Much like many cartoons, humor is used to teach an important life lesson. One that can transcend differences in viewpoints if an open mind is kept. Recommended for anybody that has thought about what is truly important in life.”

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Living Here and Now book cover for Jeff Stilwell's illustrated work
The much-requested companion book to Stilwell’s magnum opus, Here And Now: A Whimsical Take On God.

If you’ve ever wondered what living a fulfilled life looks like, then this book is exactly what you want. Since fulfillment looks different for each of us, discover how to break free from all the noise and figure out what it means to you.

To help you get there, join skateboarder Thrashin’ Jack on his adventures that present the kind of problems we all encounter and long to resolve. Each 15 minute mindful meditation helps you gain insight into your mind, helping uncover the mental blocks that prevent you from finding peace.

Rather than trying to empty your mind, this practical meditation for beginners presents fun scenarios for you to explore.  How does each story relate to you? How would you resolve it? Discover a surprising spirituality all your own.           


Who is this Jeff Stilwell guy anyway? Read more about him here.

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