This Is It!

The foremost political thinker of our time, Jeff Stilwell draws from his lifelong fatal attraction to politics, political leaders, and their fuckups. Chortle with him as he hammers Trump, Trumpists, and Evangelicals, connecting dots others have yet to discover.

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More on Jeff Stilwell’s Riffing Method

Believe it or not, Jeff does NOT work off a prepared script.  The A Block (before the bumper) and C Block (final segment) are lightly prepared in advance, tis true. But the large B Block in the middle (almost all of the material) is pure riffing.

How does he do it?  He works off a simple bulleted list of, maybe, three points that he has memorized to keep his riffing in line. All the rest – every word, all his historical examples – are pulled from his mind in the moment, much like rappers do. If you ask him what he will say during the B Block, he answers, “We’ll find out during the filming.”

And, the cartoons? They are added afterward, during the editing process, depending on what Jeff came up within the shoot. Jeff actually draws these cartoons himself, too!