Who’s Jeff?

Husband of twenty-five years, small business owner of twenty years, activist of fifteen years. One would think that Jeff Stilwell would rest on his laurels.

Not so.

Every thrilling story needs a villain and a hero. Enter Donald Trump for the former. Enter Jeff (at least, he likes to think so) as the latter.

Increasingly infuriated watching Donald Trump preach the virtues of misogyny and racism, watching this President tear this country in two, our unlikely hero has returned to a prior love of illustration to make his point.

Make your point with him. Share his cartoons and his Boss Pigg films to fight Trump and his minions. The cartoons are royalty-free. The films are royalty-free. They’re cheeky. Best of all, they’re fun. 

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Jeff Stilwell
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Author, Comedian, Illustrator
Jeff Stilwell Studio