Who’s Jeff?

Jeff Stilwell has a life-long fascination with questions of ultimate meaning. Who are we? Is there a God? Do we dance?

His constant spelunking of the spiritual world has led him far beyond his native Midwest to explore the wider world, principally Asia where he saw first-hand the legacies of classical Buddhist, Taoist, Confucian and Hindu thought.

These experiences and his later tussling in seminary with the great minds of the Abrahamic religions Christianity, Judaism and Islam led to his mangum opus, the illustrated Here and Now: A Whimsical Take on God. Readers find it “simple yet profound” and “something that can be read in minutes, and thought about for a lifetime.” Here and Now reached Amazon’s #1 slot its first week of publication.

Shortly after, Jeff Stilwell completed a much-requested companion work, Living Here and Now – for those wishing a daily source of meditations on finding a fulfilled life.

Jeff Stilwell has also penned two novels further exploring his thoughts.

Jeff lives in the Pacific Northwest with his darling wife and business partner Manya, and their ever-exasperating Lotus.

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Jeff Stilwell
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Humanist, author, illustrator
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