How does “Ask Jeff” work?

Ask Jeff - Wednesdays at noon PST! Hit a pothole on your road to fulfillment? Ask Jeff what he and others do when it happens to them. Send your questions to Ask Jeff - Wednesdays at noon PST! Learn about Jeff Stilwell on his "About" page. Discover Jeff's books, including his magnum opus, Here … Continue reading How does “Ask Jeff” work?

Who Am I?

Who am I? After my morning burn – one of those hellacious four-minute iron-man workouts – I usually sit and meditate a few moments. Not too long ago, I was meditating on the following mantra… I am Hui Neng and I think my thoughts. Hui Neng is the sixth – also largely considered the greatest … Continue reading Who Am I?

What Does Fulfillment Look Life?

In this week’s episode of Ask Jeff MalcolmP writes in: You’re always talking about fulfillment. What does that look like? Sometimes it is best to begin answering this kind of question by explaining what something is not. Fulfillment is not an energy drink, easily consumed with a pop of the top. Nor is it a … Continue reading What Does Fulfillment Look Life?

Who Is Thrashin’ Jack?

AnnL asks Jeff the above question in this week's Ask Jeff. Here is his response... Thrashin’ Jack is my go to guy.  Adorable, cheerful, daring, whimsical. Also impulsive and impetuous, Thrashin’ Jack is always getting himself into trouble. If he is my alter ego in any way, it would have to be expressed via this … Continue reading Who Is Thrashin’ Jack?

How We Got Here

I wrote Here and Now several years ago. It was the culmination of decades of thought. The first step occurred when I was ten and I went looking for God. My family was steeped in problems – sexual abuse, violence, alcoholism – and in primary school fashion, I decided that I needed help. Big help. … Continue reading How We Got Here