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Toni Madison never dreamed about becoming President. It simply wasn’t even an option for someone like her, a Black Latina after all. 

Life had a different plan as a heart attack places her behind the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office. 

Now, three years into her bland accidental Presidency, Toni notices she could do better. In fact, she wants to do better.

She wants to be a great President.

Toni soon discovers there are many, usually white men, who have other ideas about her future.


“I love Toni Madison. I love her finally rediscovered spunk. But I also love her foibles. Her sense of right and good and her dedication to doing what it takes. Her deep seated fear of maybe discovering they’re right and she’s not quite “good enough”.

It’s that fear that propels her to be acquiescent when she takes The Oath. Play it the way it would have / should have been, had fate not stepped in. For almost three years. And then we watch fascinated as Toni comes into her own. Step by painful step.”…

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Other readers say...

Toni’s Smile is a great book that mixes politics, current issues, possible future scenarios and some history with an intriguing story and plot line. 

I’m sure many readers like myself will be able to relate to the search for one’s purpose.”

…Catherine Oconnor

(full review here)

“An unexpected yet accurate account on US politics and power within cultural groups and women.

Delivered with great wit and insightful perspective.”

                  …Amethyst (full review here)

“This is an engrossing story of a Black/Latina woman’s rise from the ‘hood, her awakening to a need for justice in legal endeavors…  When the day comes that she is thrust into the role of President, after months of being a mere “token” who is seen and not heard, Toni calls upon all the strength and wisdom learned throughout her past…”

    …P. Brier (full review here)

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Author spotlight

Jeff Stilwell writes books you can’t put down. You see, hear, smell, taste and feel all his fierce yet unlikely heroines’ experiences. This visceral writing style makes readers fall in love with his characters – cry with them when they fall, and cheer out loud when they win.

His stories stay with you long after you’ve turned the last page.

A favorite scenario features an unlikely heroine facing off against men who want to stop her at all costs. How can she prevail?

Celebrate Stilwell’s strong, passionate women who are determined to fulfill their dreams.

Maybe your dream is next.

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